Wow – Hyperrealism art by Sheryl Luxemburg looks too real to be true

// May 8th, 2014 // Entertainment


Photo realistic (hyperrealism) art by Sheryl Luxemburg


Notice anything “off” about the picture above, like maybe it’s not a photograph but rather a hyper-realistic painting by Ottawa, Ontario artist Sheryl Luxemburg. Although her paintings look almost too real to be true, she says her technique is “classical” in nature.

“My drafting and painting methods are grounded in classical formulae. I work in dry brush style using a pointillist technique of lying different colored dabs of paint side by side and by glazing with thin translucent layers of single color one on top of the other.”

Check out more of Sheryl’s mind-blowing art below or visit the Sheryl Luxemburg official website for the entire amazing gallery.

Sources: Sheryl Luxemburg
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