New color World War II aerial combat footage rivals that of any great war movie

// March 17th, 2014 // Military


Loudon Maverick created an amazing eight-minute mini-documentary containing color combat footage of the aerial wars that took place in the skies during World War II that rivals the best commercially-produced war movies.  The scenes in the video feature fighter gun camera footage, dogfights, flak fire, kamikaze attacks, aerial combat between fighters and bombers, carpet bombing and huge explosions from above.  The video captures the frantic-frenzy of aerial warfare and is all-the-more-exciting because of course, it’s real.

Air warfare was a major component of World War II in all theatres and consumed a large fraction of the industrial output of the major powers.  Germany and Japan depended on air forces that were closely integrated with land and naval forces and were late in appreciating the need to defend against Allied strategic bombing.  By contrast, Britain and the United States took an approach that greatly emphasized strategic bombing, and to a lesser degree, tactical control of the battlefield by air, and adequate air defenses.  They both built a strategic force of large, long-range bombers that could carry the air war to the enemy’s homeland.  Simultaneously, they built tactical air forces that could win air superiority over the battlefields, thereby giving vital assistance to ground troops.

Check out the exciting footage below.


World War II aerial color combat footage
Sources: Loudon Maverick (YouTube)
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