After loss of pre-release movies and confidential data – Sony goes on the offensive with DoS attacks

// December 11th, 2014 // Hacking and Security


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After the data breach and loss of pre-release films and confidential data in late November, Sony takes an offensive stance – and I like what I’m seeing. According to reports, Sony is using a deluge of Amazon cloud servers in Tokyo and Singapore to conduct DoS attacks against torrent seeds and websites hosting their stolen data.

For the torrent downloaders, Sony is hosting fake seeds of the files in order to insert an unhealthy piece to the swarm (a variant of the older method of seeding decoy files to trick torrent users into downloading fake files). In Sony’s instance, they are likely inserting corrupt versions of the files into the network (a DoS method which poisons the BitTorrent swarm and creates repeated download requests from the client) or poisoning the index by injecting fake IP addresses and ports to prevent torrent users from finding the correct files. Torrent leakers have already identified a number torrents with AWS trackers (all public, not private, trackers) and are appending comments notifying torrent users that the files are traps laid by Sony. Regardless, this news should cause all torrent downloaders to recognize that Sony is actively monitoring the torrents that are seeding their stolen files.

Although I thought the hack itself (Destover or regin) was very interesting and possibly a wakeup call for a company that appears to ignore proper security measures (Sony employees kept lists of passwords in spreadsheets on their computers and Social Security numbers of 47,426 people — including Conan O’Brien and Sylvester Stallone — lying around in unencrypted files), kudos to Sony for having the wherewithal to go on the offensive. It’s going to be interesting to see how this all plays out.

Sources: Re/Code, Ziff Davis, IBN
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