Whale surfaces for food nearly swallowing a diver who is filming annual sardine run (video)

// May 21st, 2014 // General Science News


Whale nearly swallows photographer off the coast of South Africa

This video was shot off the coast of South Africa during the annual sardine run.  The diver/photographer saw the whale coming up for the bait ball and figured he was a goner.  According to the diver/photographer:

“The diameter of his mouth was big enough to swallow a car. He would have barely felt me going in.”

Fortunately for the diver (Rainer Schimpf), at the last moment, the 49-foot Bryde’s whale sensed his presence as he rose and diverted his run away from the diver, missing the photographer and most of the “bait ball” too.  Check out the video below.

Whale nearly swallows photographer


Sources: Wikipedia, YouTube (shawn stamback channel), RT, Business Week, Reeko’s Mad Scientist Lab
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