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Windows 10 – rough around the edges but the future looks bright!

// July 29th, 2015 // No Comments » // Operating Systems

Gotta give props to Microsoft – they did well with Windows 10 both in terms of the design and implementation of the OS and especially the unique rollout via Windows update. I’s obvious that Win10 is going to be a spectacular OS in the future. Why are my comments so forward looking? Because Windows 10, […]

….and here’s the first high-res image of Pluto

// July 15th, 2015 // No Comments » // Astronomy and Space News

In the NASA press conference running right now, they released the first high-res image of Pluto. So without further ado…

Interesting geographic attack vector from a Russian launched cyber counter-attack

// July 14th, 2015 // No Comments » // Hacking and Security

I love the Russians. I know, strange to hear that from an American in modern day with a new “cold war” (seemingly) beginning to gain steam. Let’s say, I respect them. Their hackers in particular. Their response to a cyberattack is to launch a full-on offensive attack against the attacker, quite a different response from […]

Ouch – US-CERT advisory for this week deals a sharp slap in the face to Adobe

// July 13th, 2015 // No Comments » // Hacking and Security

On the heels of the Hacking Team dump, this week’s US-CERT advisory, a cyber-security bulletin which provides a summary of new security vulnerabilities, was about twice its usual size with all the Adobe Level 10 alerts included in the report. Remind me – why are these products still around?

Are Wild Neutron’s latest attacks related to the zero-day exploit(s) in Hacking Team’s drop?

// July 10th, 2015 // No Comments » // Hacking and Security

Both Kaspersky and Symantec released reports this week pointing out the increase in attacks by Wild Neutron (aka Jripbot, Morpho, or Butterfly). WN had gone mostly dormant (or undetected?) since 2013 after hitting Apple, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft using zero-day Java exploits (seeded in the hacked forums of various websites) and the OSX/Pintsized Mac OS […]

Interesting – Palestine in a 1947 National Geographic map

// July 10th, 2015 // No Comments » // Entertainment

Reminder how some things change while other things remain locked in time. The above is a 1947 map from National Geographic illustrating the proposed changes to Palestine (division of Arab State and Jewish State). The text at the top reads…

14 days running a secret Dark Web pedophile honeypot (and why I now think Tor is the devil)

// July 7th, 2015 // 15 Comments » // Hacking and Security

Before discoursing the lengthy analysis of the Dark Web honeypot (the pedophile honeypot in particular), let’s answer the question that is surely on everyone’s mind – did the honeypot allow me to reveal the true identity of the person visiting the site?