Anonymous Troll ISIS Day – a collection of the funniest ISIS memes making the rounds

// December 11th, 2015 // Politics and legal


Since Daesh relies heavily on social media to spread its propaganda, Anonymous created a unique #TrollingDay (Troll ISIS Day) social media event encouraging users saturate social media with ISIS-related memes.  To prepare for the event, Anonymous provided a how-to of sorts on Internet trolling. For instance, they suggested Twitter users post mocking photos of ISIS along with the hashtags #Daesh and #Daeshbags.

Here’s a sample of the ISIL memes making the rounds on December 11, 2015.

ISIS be all like pew pew with the ak-47


ISIS rebels are heavily armed - that's cute


We are coming to kill you


US army frees ISIS sex slaves


Let's go boys


If ISIS hates the west so much, then why do they use Twitter?


Oh! You're with ISIS. Guess I won't be needing these.


Funny ISIS target


Airstrikes can't stop us! Tell him to stop saying that.


One is a smelly, hairy mythological troll - ISIS


Your husband seems happier lately. I got him a goat.


ISIS flag decoded

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