The Trump/Putin Russian collusion evidence pipeline is crazy! Check out this evidence/participant map.

// July 12th, 2017 // Politics and legal


Trying to figure out the Trump RussiaGate fiasco is like unraveling backlashed fishing line (there’s a great article on Altered Dimensions that tracks and explains all of the Russian links).  I started with the above plotmap (see higher-res PDF attachment below) and threw up my hands in despair.  And to think, it might all tie back to poor old Sergei Magnitsky, the guy that claimed Putin was siphoning millions of Russia Federal Government dollars into his own pocket. Remember Magnitsky?  The one that died in Russian custody before the full story could get out and who would go on to become the namesake for the Magnitsky Act passed by the Senate in 2012  to irritate the Ruskies.

It’s all conspiracy theory right now but try this one on for size:

  1. Russia/Prevezon Holdings work with Trump(?) to purchase Manhattan real estate with stolen/siphoned Russian funds.
  2. Bill Bowder/Sergei Magnitsky reveal fraud. Magnitsky is killed in prison.
  3. Fusion GPS attempts to bolster Prevezon Holdings’ defense through Rinat Akhmetshin (suspected former/current Russian spy)
  4. Fusion GPS runs faux counter-attack on Trump with outlandish claims dug up by Christopher Steele (former British spy)
  5. US prosecutes Prevezon case but due to economic conditions (2008 Great Recession) and importance of NYC real estate market, settles the case rather than seeking full compensation.  Trump goes untouched.
  6. Trump works with several Russian entities and Deutsche Bank to build controversial Trump SoHo tower.
  7. In retaliation for Manhattan real estate laundering, US enacts Magnitsky Act with sanctions on Russia.
  8. Russia hacks the election to get Trump in office.
  9. Russia tricks (or forces) Goldstone to set Trump up with help from the Agalarov supervillain duo.
  10. Trump has that “Oh, shit” moment and starts talking up how great the Russians are while bewildered Americans gape in wonder.
  11. Trump meets with Putin and something ugly happens behind closed doors (Fox says they agree to a Syrian ceasefire, CNN says Trump gave Putin the launch codes, I say Russia tried to get sanctions lifted but Trump said his hands were tied).
  12. Russia starts leaking (or pressures someone else to leak) the Donald Trump Jr. collusion story to the New York Times with promise to leak even more if Trump doesn’t straighten up.
  13. Donald Trump Jr. wins “Dunce of the Year” award.

At least I know I got #13 right.

High-res Plotmap

Trump Russia connections (pdf)

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