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New color World War II aerial combat footage rivals that of any great war movie

Check out this amazing eight-minute mini-documentary containing color combat footage of the aerial wars that took place in the skies during World War II that rivals the best commercially-produced war movies. The scenes in the video feature fighter gun camera footage, dogfights, flak fire, kamikaze attacks, aerial combat between fighters and bombers, carpet bombing and huge explosions from above. The video captures the frantic-frenzy of aerial warfare and is all-the-more-exciting because of course, it’s real.

Video of huge trucks being dropped from military plane (followed by some drops that didn’t go quite so well)

This awesome video below begins with “some big heavy trucks being dropped from a military plane in the middle of the night, huge machines, being launched at incredible speed!” The soldiers in the video are part of the 509th Parachute Infantry Regiment (the first U.S. combat paratrooper unit) and the plane they are in is a C-17 Globemaster III operated by the US Air Force 517th Airlift Squadron. After seeing how cool the first drop is, we finish the video with some clips of drops that were, eh, not so good. Although the incidents were surely expensive, you gotta admit they’re pretty humorous.

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