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Look. Up in the sky. It’s a life-size radio-controlled Superman!

// July 2nd, 2013 // No Comments » // Comics News

Recently spotted flying above the skies of San Diego, Otto Dieffenbach’s radio-controlled Superman drew quite a few stares from puzzled citizens. The test flight took place June 27, 2013. Otto, and his business partner Ed Hanley, have started a small startup company that specializes in getting unusual (read, not-aerodynamically shaped) objects, including comic book heroes, […]

Landmark Spider-Man issue #700 arrives – Peter Parker killed off allowing foe to take roll of new “superior” Spider-Man

// December 27th, 2012 // No Comments » // Comics News

As expected, Marvel Comics ended the long-running “Amazing Spider-Man” series with issue #700, marking the end of one of the most popular comic book series of all time. What was not expected however, was the death of Peter Parker and the transition of the Spider-Man persona to Spidey’s foe, Doc Octavius. Marvel maintains that the […]

Comixology comic book reader rolls out “Continue” feature that remembers reading position on all devices

// December 19th, 2012 // No Comments » // Comics News

Comixology released a pretty cool feature yesterday, one that’s common on reading apps – a continuous bookmark feature. With the new feature (called Continue), that’s being rolled out to all platforms (Windows 8, iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, etc), the Comixology comic book app will remember your last reading position allowing you to pick up reading […]

Artist rendition shows the evolution of the Batman logo from the 1940’s through present day

// December 18th, 2012 // No Comments » // Comics News

From artist Cathryn Lavery, this limited edition print shows the Batman logo as it evolved from 1940 through the present day.

Finally, digital single issue comics from DC now available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble online stores

// November 8th, 2012 // No Comments » // Comics News

Single issues of digital DC Comics are now available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple. Previously digital single issues were available only in Comixology and DC Apps and the only comics viewable on Amazon and Barnes and Noble devices were graphic novels. The new digital single issues can be viewed on the color Amazon […]

Scientifically accurate location of Krypton, Superman’s home planet, revealed in Action Comics Superman #14 [UPDATE]

// November 8th, 2012 // No Comments » // Comics News

Everyone knows Superman’s native world is Krypton, which in most storylines, was destroyed right after Superman escaped from the planet. But to date, nobody really has shown where in the Universe it was actually located. That is about to change as we hear that DC Comics has tasked American astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson to explain, […]

Best Comic Book Covers – 2012-10-24

// October 25th, 2012 // No Comments » // Comics News

Kiss #5

Here are the top comic book covers for the week of October 24, 2012.

DC finally wins court battle against heirs of Superman creator who were attempting to recapture rights to Superman franchise

// October 19th, 2012 // No Comments » // Comics News

After two years of battling it out in court, DC comics has won a key victory against the heirs of Superman co-creator Joe Shuster who were attempting to recapture the rights to the Superman character. An agreement signed by the family in 1992 blew their attempts. The Shuster family was attempting to terminate the copyright […]

Warner Bros. win over Superman heirs means Justice League movie production is ready to launch

// October 18th, 2012 // No Comments » // Comics News

It looks like the recent Warner Bros. win over Joe Shuster’s heirs for the rights to Superman might pay off for fans. Persons in the know have said that Warner Bros. intends to begin shooting the movie Justice League in 2013 and are aiming for a summer 2015 release date.

Four DC comic book titles get the axe to make room for new Superman and Justice League of America series

// October 16th, 2012 // No Comments » // Comics News

More changes in DC’s New 52 lineup. Prior to the new Superman, Threshold, and Justice League of America series rolling out, DC will be cease publication of Blue Beetle, Grifter, Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E., and Legion Lost. Their final issues (#17) will wrap up the arcs and ship in January 2013.

Fred Van Lente to write new zombie comic book series for Dynamite Entertainment

// October 14th, 2012 // No Comments » // Comics News

Dynamite Entertainment is proud to announce the signing of Fred Van Lente, who will pen a quirky zombie tale. Van Lente is hot off his Marvel Exclusive! Fans of The Walking Dead and George Romero movies will not want to miss this series, coming in 2013 from Dynamite Entertainment!

Best Comic Book Covers – 2012-10-10

// October 11th, 2012 // No Comments » // Comics News

Batman #13

Here are the top comic book covers for the week of October 10, 2012.

Marvel’s new Young Avengers comic book series (part of Marvel NOW) coming January 2013

// October 11th, 2012 // No Comments » // Comics News

On sale in January 2013, Marvel is introducing a new series, Young Avengers. Part of Marvel NOW, the Marvel initiative to bring their comic book series more in line with the modern day, Young Avengers will be a part of the storyline that moves Marvel Universe in a new direction.

Vampirella returns in Vampirella Strikes! written by fan favorite Tom Sniegoski

// October 9th, 2012 // No Comments » // Comics News

New York Times Best Selling author Tom Sniegoski, who has written some great works such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Batman, Punisher, Bone, Star Trek, The Fallen, etc. is returning to the Vampirella series in a new series entitled Vampirella Strikes!

Stan Lee releases reassuring statement explaining his new pacemaker makes him “more like Tony Stark”

// October 4th, 2012 // No Comments » // Comics News

Stan Lee has released a statement about his pacemaker surgery to reassure his legion of fans that he is doing fine. Attention, Troops! This is a dispatch sent from your beloved Generalissimo, directly from the center of Hollywood’s combat zone!

Multiversity, DC’s new comic book series that defines and unites the new DC universes and characters, arriving in 2013

// October 1st, 2012 // No Comments » // Comics News

DC Entertainment has confirmed that Grant Morrison’s long-awaited Multiversity comic book series will hits stores in late 2013. Grant Morrison, author of Action Comics and Batman Incorporated, will write the series which will introduce new universes, characters, and villains (but will not affect DC’s New 52 universe) with artwork in each issue done by different, […]