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Will Samsung Galaxy Note 4/Gear VR become bigger than the Internet? [UPDATED]

// September 21st, 2014 // No Comments » // Futuristic Technology

The new Galaxy Note 4 is a nice upgrade from your Galaxy Note 3. The new sensors (heart rate sensor, fingerprint scanner, UV sensor) are cool and might prompt some interesting new apps. The CPU is a tad bit faster and the 16MB camera is a step up from the Note 3. But what really […]

The Jetsons future has arrived – your home responds to commands with new Amazon/Vox technology

// April 15th, 2014 // No Comments » // Futuristic Technology

We just took a giant step closer to Jetsons-like futuristic living. With Amazon and Vox’s newly announced partnership partnership, if you run out of toothpaste, you simply stand in your bathroom, say “Vox, send me toothpaste”, and Amazon will make sure it’s on its way to your doorstep.

Straight out of Dr. Suess – a fish tank that lets the fish drive around on wheels

// February 10th, 2014 // No Comments » // Futuristic Technology

Fish on Wheels lets its fish tank occupant steer the tank in whatever direction it feels like going. The prototype tank was built using a standard webcam, battery-powered Beagleboard, and an Arduino controller and uses the contrast of the fish with the bottom of the fish tank to determine the fish’s position in the tank. […]

Mind-bending door system uses interlocking triangles and no rails to produce functional door opening system

// February 9th, 2014 // No Comments » // Futuristic Technology

The folks over at Klemens Torggler’s door in Austria have introduced yet another mind-bending, but functional, door opening design, this time based on a brilliant series of interlocking triangles. Klemens Torggler’s door is an invention based on rotating squares or triangles. The special construction makes it possible to move the door sideways without the use […]

Department of Transportation moves to allow cars to communicate with each other on the road

// February 3rd, 2014 // No Comments » // Futuristic Technology

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT) National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced today that it will begin taking steps to enable vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication technology for automobiles. This technology would improve safety by allowing vehicles to “talk” to each other and ultimately avoid many crashes altogether by exchanging basic safety data, such as speed […]

Lego savant creates drivable car, powered by compressed-air Lego pistons, entirely out of Legos

// December 19th, 2013 // No Comments » // Futuristic Technology

20-year-old Romanian Lego savant Raul Oaida has created a drivable car, that can travel at 12-17 MPH while carrying two people, entirely out of Legos! The car includes four radial engines with a total of 256 pistons that run off compressed air and was pieced together with 500,000 Lego blocks.

Deliveries by unmanned aircraft (UAV’s or drones) – a reality in the making or head in the clouds idea?

// December 2nd, 2013 // No Comments » // Futuristic Technology

When 60 Minutes broke the well-timed Cyber Monday story that Amazon intended to offer product deliveries with a 30-minute turnaround time using automated flying drones, people wondered, can this be true? Could drones be used to make personal deliveries to our homes? In short, yes, it can, and will be done – and the FAA […]

Freaky zombie mind control – scientist uses brain to remotely control another guys hand over a computer network

// August 28th, 2013 // No Comments » // Futuristic Technology

We’re one step closer to mind-controlled zombies! University of Washington psychology professor Andrea Stocca told reporters in a news release yesterday, “The Internet was a way to connect computers, and now it can be a way to connect brains.” And he went on to demonstrate that it can be done today.

Do a lot of “streaming”? Scientists discover way to charge smartphone using urine

// July 17th, 2013 // No Comments » // Futuristic Technology

Don’t flush that valuable energy source down the drain! Scientists have announced that they have found a way to charge a smartphone using urine. Researchers from the Bristol Robotics Laboratory passed the urine through a series of microbial fuel cells, which contain tiny microbes that consume and metabolize the liquid into small amounts of energy […]

Largest building in the world opens and includes an indoor beach

// July 8th, 2013 // No Comments » // Futuristic Technology

The largest building in the world has opened in China this week. At 1.7 million square meters, the glass and steel-frame New Century Global Center took only a little more than a year to build. It stands 18 stories tall and sits above a new subway station in Chengdu, a Sichuan province city of more […]

US Special Forces may soon be equipped with stealth motorcycles

// June 14th, 2013 // No Comments » // Futuristic Technology

We have to disclose right up front that these two-wheeled beasts will not be made available to the general public – at least not yet. Zero Motorcycles, maker of motorcycles for security and law enforcement agencies, has announced that the US Special Operations Forces may be equipped with stealthy, silent off-road motorcycles, the MMX, that […]

New child abuse sign shows special “invisible” message to children when viewed from height under 4 feet

// May 8th, 2013 // No Comments » // Futuristic Technology

The Spanish organization, ANAR Foundation (Aid to Children and Adolescents at Risk), recently released a brilliant campaign that makes similarly powerful use of a special form of photography that takes advantage of the process of lenticular printing to send an offer of help to abused children without alerting their abusers, even if they’re walking together. […]

Paris Marathon installs kinetic energy “rubber tiles” that generate electricity from runners’ footsteps

// April 15th, 2013 // No Comments » // Futuristic Technology

Brilliant Paris Marathon race organizers laid out 82-feet worth of rubber tiles along the route. These cushiony tiles weren’t meant to ease the pain on runners but rather are a special electricity-generating tile made by Pavegen Systems that convert kinetic energy from the runners’ footfalls into electricity. The manufacturer claims the tiles generate up to […]

Check out this ultra-modern German house shaped like a dinosaur head

// April 3rd, 2013 // No Comments » // Futuristic Technology

This newly constructed house, built near Stuttgart, German by German studio J. Mayer H., is shaped like a giant dinosaur head with glazing and railing designed to emulate teeth. The three-story home sits on a sloping site in a suburban area of Stuttgart facing a neighborhood of smaller, older homes, presumably in a bid to […]

Walgreens pharmacy to build America’s first zero-energy superstore

// March 12th, 2013 // No Comments » // Futuristic Technology

Walgreens pharmacy is building what it calls America’s first “zero-energy” superstore. Located in Evanston, Illinois,, just 20 miles from its corporate headquarters, the store will use more than 800 solar panels, two wind turbines, and geothermal energy to power its superstore. Energy-efficient construction materials and LED lighting will help ensure the store’s energy requirements are […]

Next year, DARPA will put powerful laser weapons on aircraft to defend against rearward enemy attacks

// January 25th, 2013 // No Comments » // Futuristic Technology

DARPA (United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) has awarded Lockheed Martin a $9.5 million contract for the third and final phase of the DARPA Aero-Adaptive/Aero-Optic Beam Control (ABC) program. The intent of the “ABC” program is to provide rearward protection of U.S. aircraft using high-energy lasers, which is no easy feat given the rear […]