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Denmark TV characters sign off and go to bed each night

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The DR Ramasjang logoIn Denmark, parents got sick and tired of all the time their kids spent in front of the television set.  Disney Channel and Cartoon Network smothered the kids not only in humor, but in product advertisements conditioning the little ones into zombie consumers.  In a desperate attempt to reign in Danish viewers, the DR Ramasjang television channel was created in 2009.  The DR Ramasjang channel is unique in several ways.  Firstly, there are no commercials and hence, no corporate fuddling with their children (apparently the Danes have a beef with corporate Denmark).  Also, the television show content is catered more to Danish culture which is a bit more “mature” that in the United States.  And get this – at bedtime, all of the television characters go to sleep!  Little viewers are told “good night” (“we will wake up in X hours and X minutes”) and encouraged to boogie on to bed so they can get a fresh start in the morning.

Now before you go and start campaigning for DR Ramasjang in your own neighborhood, be forewarned that Denmarkians think a wee bit different that the rest of the world.  In one DR Ramasjang television show, a ten-year-old girl is shown killing six adults by cutting off their arms and legs.  We are all for not patronizing our children but come on…