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These are the politicians who lied to the public claiming there was no quid pro quo in Trump’s dealings with Ukraine.

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U.S. President Donald Trump has maintained throughout the impeachment inquiry that he did nothing improper in his dealings with Ukraine, even as witnesses have detailed efforts by his White House to get Ukraine to take actions that could help him politically. During the Senate trial, it became clear that Trump withheld military assistance in order to pressure Ukraine to investigate the Biden’s and other democrats. Many politicians tried to back out of statements made earlier. Here are the politicians that once lied to the American public by claiming, with authority, that there was no quid pro quo.

1. President Trump

“Now, all of a sudden, quid pro quo doesn’t matter because now they see, in the call, there was no quid pro quo.”

2. Vice President Mike Pence

“Contrast that with the transcript of the president’s phone call with President Zelensky where there was no quid pro quo. There was no pressure.”

3. Representative Mark Meadows, Republican of North Carolina

“What we do know is there was definitely no quid pro quo. I mean, it came out over and over.”

4. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin

“People who are trying to imply that the president is asking for things or quid pro quos, I think this is ridiculous.”

6. Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the president

“As the president said, this was a perfect call… In fact, if you read what’s there, you see what’s not there — no quid pro quo.”

7. Larry Kudlow, Mr. Trump’s chief economic adviser

“There was no quid pro quo. There was no issue about finally getting the military assistance. And he thanked us.”

8. Representative Steve Scalise, Republican of Louisiana

“You’re focused on is impeaching the president over a lie about quid pro quo that never even happened.”

9. Representative Lee Zeldin, Republican of New York

“The readouts of the July 25th call on both the Ukraine side and the U.S. side mention nothing about a hold on aid or a quid pro quo. July 26th, the day after that phone call, Ambassador Volker met with President Zelensky. During that meeting, there was no reference to a hold on aid or a quid pro quo.”

10. Senator Kevin Cramer, Republican of North Dakota

“There was no quid pro quo in the — in the phone conversation. So, no doubt that the haters are going to hate.”

11. Senator Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas

“A lot what the Democrats had been raising, alleging an illegal quid pro quo was not, in fact, backed up by the transcript.”

12. Representative Jim Jordan, Republican of Ohio

“If they would release the transcript from Ambassador Volker’s testimony and interview last week, you would see that Ambassador Volker backs up exactly what you just said. There was no quid pro quo.”

13. Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina

“Remember when Pelosi said that the transcript would show a quid pro quo? It doesn’t.”

14. Mercedes Schlapp, senior adviser for the Trump campaign

“What is so disgusting is the fact that the Democrats continue to try to build up this narrative on, well, there was a quid pro quo when the call — when the call happened.”

15. Hogan Gidley, White House spokesman

“The president was very clear about that and that wasn’t in the call. What else wasn’t in the call was the quid pro quo.”

16. Rand Paul, Senator

“Donald Trump has every right to withhold aid.”