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21 Years video shows a young man’s journey from birth to age twenty one in six minutes


Ian McLeod took a picture of his son, Cory McLeod, every day of his life and compiled all 7,500 pictures into a 6-minute video that shows his son growing up at lightning speed.  Ian says that when he son was born, he began taking a picture of his pride and joy every day.  He figured it would last a couple of years and then he would get tired of the routine.  Eventually he realized that shooting one photo a day wouldn’t take up as much time as the amount of regret he would feel if he stopped.  At times, Ian would have to find a way to take the picture even if Cory might not want Dad around.  And if Ian was out of town or could otherwise not get to Cory to take the picture, Cory would take a self portrait.


21 Years Video