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Mechanical Steampunk hand contraption thingy

Closeup view of finger mechanisms

18-year-old Manick Yoj, created this awesome mechanical hand for a steampunk-themed Halloween costume. The hand is articulated and follows the motion of the user’s fingers through front and back motion. Yoj says the project was well received by other Halloweeners.

Wooden finger joints are hinged using normal, brass plated cabinet hinges.  Springs, needed to return the fingers to a “straight” position, are attached to each of the finger joints through eyelets screwed into the back of the mechanical fingers.  Additional eyelets are mounted on the inside of the mechanical fingers and a continuous wire run through the eyelets and connected to rings that are inserted over the user’s fingers.  Curling a finger causes tension on the wire which draws the mechanical fingers inward.  Springs return the mechanical fingers to their original position.

Yoj is working on a newer, improved version that will feature two axes of motion.

Check pictures below (click for full-size view).


Source: Indestructibles