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Mind-blowing anamorphic illusion will make your brains leak out of your ears [VIDEO]


Three objects used in the illusion - rubik's cube, roll of tape, and a tennis shoe

Prepare to have your mind blown. YouTube illusion and science channel Brussup photographed a few random objects (a Rubik’s Cube, role of tape, and a tennis shoe), skewed them using graphics software, and then printed the result on a high-res printer.  He then shot a video of the incredible 3D anamorphic illusions (an optical illusion you can only see from a certain angle – same concept as those mind blowing sidewalk art illusions).  Enjoy the illusion (and the sound of your brain leaking out of your ears).


Anamorphic illusions


Brussup graciously provided high-resolution copies of the photographs he used (download Rubik’s Cube, roll of tape, or tennis shoe) so you can print your own and duplicate the illusion. When viewing the printout, close one eye to get the full effect.  Yeah, it really works (see Geek Slop’s attempt with a much less accurately cut version of the Rubik’s cube in the video below).

Geek Slop attempt at the same thing


Sources: Brussup YouTube Channel