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Real or Photoshopped? “Human Barbie” is suspected of using plastic surgery to attain her “Barbie” look

Valeria Lukyonova - Human Barbie

21-year-old Ukrainian model, musician, and astroplanner Valeria Lukyonova calls herself “the most famous Russian woman on the Russian-speaking internet” because she looks just like a Barbie Doll. Many suspect her photos are heavily photoshopped.  Others think she obtained her over-exaggerated proportions via plastic surgery.  Now Fashion Magazine claims to have obtained proof through an unnamed source that Lukyonova’s look is indeed physical and not derived from doctored photography.

In addition to her plastic look, she’s a book kooky too. According to Lukyonova:

“In the morning I work on my face and I get a massage, then i spend some time on the Internet. I meditate and travel in my astral body, and after that I work out at the gym. I go for a walk with my best girlfriend, I get home, and I make dinner for the man I love. Then I spend some more time on the Internet, do some reading and meditating, and go to bed.”

Judge for yourself in the photo montage below. Is the Human Barbie real or photoshopped?

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