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18-wheeler truck crash caught on video – big rig flies off of Interstate bridge to highway below

18 wheeler big rig truck crash video flies off interstate highway bridge

An 18-wheeler big-rig truck was caught on video in Grand Prairie, Texas  on Saturday (August 3, 2013) as it lost control, crashed into a retaining wall, then went over a barrier to land on a highway below it.  The crash occurred on Interstate 30 in Grand Prairie, Texas.  The big-rig landed on State Highway 161 below just moments before cars passed underneath.  Sadly, the driver of the semi, 59-year-old James Anthony Long of Clarksville, Tennessee, was pronounced dead at the scene.  The truck was transporting a load of ceramic tile to San Diego, California at the time of the crash, and was filled to capacity.  Grand Prairie Police Department Detective Lyle Gensler told reporters:

“There are a lot of variables that could have mixed into this that could have made it more of a tragedy than it is.  We’re very thankful that when the truck veered off of I-30 it didn’t hit any other cars, carrying with it to 161. So it is very unfortunate that the driver died at the scene, but it’s very fortunate that others lived through this horrific incident.”

Check out the video of the crash below (captured by Texas Highway safety cams).

18-wheeler truck crashes off bridge to land on highway below


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