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Check out these gnarly skateboarding mice as they grind coping and do aerials in their mini skateboard park

Skateboarding mouse

First Australian Shane Willmott spent 10 years teaching his pet mice how to surf. Now these radical rodents are grinding the coping at their own mini-skatepark and the photos of their gnarly skate sessions are nothing short of mind-blowing. These little skater dudes can drop off a vertical ramp and go airborne on tiny mouse-sized toy skateboards in a mouse-sized skatepark build by Mr. Willmott himself. As Willmott explained to Courier Mail:

“Mice are built to surf and skate because their center of gravity is so low. When they do fall off, they want to get straight back on the board.’”

Willmott trains the mice to skateboard shortly after they are born, before their eyes even open, by pulling them around by a string tied to the tiny skateboards (he says it gets them used to the movement of the board). Then he moves them to small ramps before progressing to steeper ones. Sponges are placed underneath the ramps to cushion any blowouts the little critters might have.

Is it dangerous?

“I’ve never lost a mouse in 10 years of teaching them to surf and skate.”

Check out the skateboarding mouse dudes after the jump.

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