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Joslyn Paige – former homeless man entertains public as a Human Transformer

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Joslyn Paige - the Human Transformer

His name is Joslyn Paige, aka the “Human Transformer” and he deserves the Nobel Prize for fun. Watch this talented 28-year-old performer from New Orleans morph out of the shape of a vehicle (looks like a yellow Cadillac Escalade) into a real-life Transformer while the crowd (especially the kids) whoop and holler their approval.

Joslyn Paige–the Human Transformer

Paige moved to New Orleans in 2007 and ended up homeless.  He says he struggled to get a job for two years and after watching other street performers ply their trade, came up with the idea of a human transformer costume. He built the costume himself and said it took about five weeks and seven or eight hundred dollars to complete.

Paige now travels around the country performing on the street earning tips from the public (he’s made up to $700 in a single day and as little as a few bucks).  And yes, he says by the end of the day he has the most painful knees you can imagine.

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