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Seven historical, thought-provoking “never-seen-before” photos that defined the times

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The following are seven rare, thought-provoking, historical photographs you’ve probably never seen before.  Enjoy.

Shot in 1930, this picture shows the last four couples in a Chicago dance marathon.

1930 Chicago dance marathon



Boston Marathon organizer shouted, “Get the hell out of my race and give me those numbers!” after realizing a woman (Kathrine Switzer) was running in the 1967 race.  His attempts to pull her off the course failed after other runners pushed him off the course.  Switzer finished the race in 4 hours and 20 minutes.

Kathrine Switzer - 1967 Boston Marathon



The only known photograph of a African American Union soldier.  The picture was taken in 1863- 65 with his family.

Black Union soldier


Russian peasants reaction after receiving electricity in their homes for the first time (1920).

Russian peasants receive electricity in home in 1920



Shoes fashioned with cow hooves.  Used in 1922 by bootleggers to conceal their tracks.

Bootlegger cow-hoove shoes



Taken in 1868, this pictures captured a Native American Indian looking down on a newly-constructed section of the transcontinental railroad.

Indian looks at 1868 transcontinental railroad



A Japanese family returns to their Seattle, Washington home on May 10, 1956 following a “stay” at a Japanese relocation center during World War II.

Japanese family returns to vandalized home following World War II