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Bracelet ring on a string – easy magic trick

Magic trick - bracelet ring appears on string

It’s funny how the simplest magic trick can be the most baffling for the audience. This trick is great and when worked quickly, appears to be absolutely impossible.

What the audience sees

The two ends of a piece of string about eighteen inches long are tied around the performer’s wrists. He then takes in one hand a large metal ring or bracelet which the audience has examined to make sure it is solid. The magician turns his back for a moment or steps behind a screen, and reappears immediately with the ring threaded on the string between his wrists.

The magic trick

This trick requires a little preparation, for it is done by the use of two identical metal rings, just large enough to pass over your wrist and up your arm about 6 inches. Before presenting the trick, slip one of the rings over your right hand and wrist and push it up your arm beneath your coat sleeve so it is well concealed. Now, as soon as you turn your back or step behind a screen, put the other ring in one of your pockets (a vest pocket or pants pocket) and pull the ring on your arm down over your hand and so onto the string.

The beauty of this trick is the speed with which it can be done and a little practice to insure smooth and rapid execution will be well repaid, as the effect is truly startling.