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Justice League 2 Movie Watch – news and insider info on the Justice League 2 movie (TBA).

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About the Justice League 2 movie.

The underperformance of 2017’s Justice League left thoughts of a Justice League 2 in limbo. DC Comics has hinted that the film will be created, but it may be some time away.

Justice League 2 movie watch – news, leaks, insider info, and more.

Producer Charles Roven says a Justice League sequel may be a few years out. August 10, 2021

A Justice League 2 sequel was mentioned in a Hollywood Reporter interview with producer Charles Roven. However, it seemed to be a mere afterthought.

“But I still have an affiliation with some more Suicide Squads, which I’m thrilled about. I hope James Gunn will, when he’s got some time, come back and see if he’s going to do another one of these, because he did such an amazing job. I would definitely be a part of that. Probably another Justice League, although I think that’s a number of years away.”