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Mad Max: The Wasteland Movie Watch – news and insider info on the Mad Max: The Wasteland movie (TBA).

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About the Mad Max: The Wasteland movie.

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Mad Max: The Wasteland movie watch – news, leaks, insider info, and more.

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Director George Miller has talked about wanting to make a prequel titled Furiosa and a sequel titled “The Wasteland” for many years. With the success of Mad Max: Fury Road and the green light for Mad Max: Furiosa, it’s pretty clear Miller will get his wish with Mad Max: The Wasteland. Here’s what Miller said about the two projects:

“They’ll be tangentially linked. They’re all in the same world, but they won’t be direct sequels. During the huge delays on ‘Fury Road,’ we developed deep backstories from everything from weapons to vehicles to the Doof Warrior who plays the guitar. The film is very helter-skelter, so you have to help the audience pick up as much as possible on the way.”