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Static Shock Movie Watch – news and insider info on the Static Shock movie (TBA).

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About the Static Shock movie.

Static shock is produced by Michael B. Jordan via Outlier Society with the script written by Randy McKinnon.

Several years after his original Milestone Static Shock comic book series set in the DakotaVerse concluded, Static debuted on TV with Kids WB’s Static Shock, which ran for four seasons. In the late 2011, Static, along with fellow Milestone heroes like Icon, Rocket and Hardware, was incorporated into the main DC universe with a new solo title in the New 52 reboot. Static has most recently appeared in the Young Justice animated series, where he gained his abilities after being experimented on by The Reach and has subsequently mentored by Black Lightning, another African American superhero with electricity powers.

Static Shock movie watch – news, leaks, insider info, and more.

During DC Fandome, it is revealed that a live-action Static Shock film is in development.

During DC FanDome 2021, it was officially confirmed that Static Shock was officially getting his first live-action film.