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Venom 3 Movie Watch – news and insider info on the Venom 3 movie (TBA).

Venom 2 Director Congratulates Players For PlayStation Trophy

About the Venom 3 movie.

Movie synopsis

The film’s plot has not been announced.


No actors have been cast yet although

Tom Hardy has similarly made it clear lead actor Tom Hardy has said he’s “deeply invested” in the continuing adventures of Venom on film.


Venom 3 is produced by Amy Pascal.


Venom 3 is in pre-production status.

Venom 3 movie watch – news, leaks, insider info, and more.

Sony officially announces Venom 3 movie during CinemaCon. April 25, 2022

The next installment of Venom is coming! Sony Pictures officially announced during their CinemaCon panel today that Venom 3 on the way. The first two films saw Tom Hardy play the journalist Eddie Brock, who becomes the host to an alien symbiote named Venom and gains superpowers in the process. With no talent officially announced yet or release date, all fans can look forward to is the guarantee that there will be a third movie in the series.

Producer Amy Pascal confirms a Venom 3 film is in the works. December 7, 2021

Speaking to Collider, producer Amy Pascal confirmed a third “Venom” film has entered active development, stating: 

“We are in the planning stages right now on Venom 3, but what we are focused on is getting everybody to come and see No Way Home.”