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Netflix has released a marvelously horrible AI-written horror movie called Mr. Puzzles Wants You To Be Less Alive. It’s the sort of thing we’ll be able to drag out of the closet and embarrass AI with when it grows up.

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This video has more than 57, 000 likes on YouTube and not one single dislike. It is a horror movie written by AI. It’s marvelously horrible because, well, AI wrote the moon lights toons…

The story centers around a woman held captive by Mr. Puzzles who forces her to do puzzles to earn her freedom. For each puzzle the woman fails, there are unexpected consequences.

The short film has some of the most poetic lines to ever appear on-screen.

“He is drunk, and haunted by sobriety.”

It presents philosophical enigmas.

“Life is not earned by begging. Life is earned through doing puzzles.”

It has mind-bending logic.

“How do you know my name? “You have a body. All Jennifer’s have a body.”

And scandalous revelations.

“Don’t kill me. I have several families.”

It has one of the greatest plot twists we’ve ever seen.

“He’s not a whale, he’s an underwater cop.”

And human drama in droves.

“The detective trips, because he is mostly whiskey.”

It teaches us life lessons about the consequences of the choices we make.

“Damn, my aim is alcohol.”

And plenty of humor.

“Sorry your coworker died.” “It’s okay, it’s a large company.”

Check out the full video below: