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Grey Knight Hoodie looks like a knight’s armor – includes retractable face mask and visor

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Grey Knight Armored Hoodie with Armored facemask downThis creative hoodie/sweatshirt design looks like a knight’s protective armor. Designed by Chadwick Dillon of Flint, Michigan, the Grey Knight Armored Hoodie includes a retractable face mask and visor. Good luck getting one of these “limited edition” hoodies though. The demand has been so great that the one-man SOFworks cannot keep up. According to his post on Etsy though, it appears as if he may be calling in reinforcements.

“The Grey Knight has fought the internet, and smote its ruin upon the mountainside! His valor proven and his cause is just!

Congratulations to everyone who was able to purchase this set of armor. Your orders will ship on, or before the 27th of this month. I hope you are all as excited as I am! To all else who would take up his armor and name, I invite you to keep watch and check back often. As this business moves along, more and more contracts will be made available. Though I may be a one man army, I am still one man! But, do not despair; reinforcements are making their way to the SOFworks. We shall clad as many of you in armor as we can.

Oh, and one more thing… The Grey Knight has a rival… and a fearsome one at that. I only heard him say one thing… “None shall pass.”

Grey Knight Armored Hoodie


Grey Knight Armored Hoodie


Grey Knight Armored Hoodie with facemask up