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This stunning refrigerator will run you $40,500 – this is what it looks like

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Meneghini La Cambusa refrigerator

The Meneghini La Cambusa refrigerator runs $40,500, features a modular design, and of course includes a standard fridge and freezer section. The three-door La Cambusa, measures 8.2 feet wide, weighs 1,100 pounds and includes 26.6 cubic feet of storage space. It also includes fitted temperature-controlled pantry, double pantry, space for coffee maker, ice-maker, microwave oven, steam oven, multifunction oven, and a flat-screen television.  It comes in several designs, including a wood-clad model that can be painted more than 500 colors to give it an “antique” look.

If the $40,500 price tag is off-putting, they offer a cheaper $13,000 model without all the gadgets.

Meneghini La Cambusa refrigerator with wood finish