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Chainmail running shoes – PaleoBarefoots for modern-day knights

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PaleoBarefoots Delinda chainmail shoes

PaleoBarefoots Delinda chainmail shoesMade in Germany and constructed from hundreds of tiny 4.0 mm stainless steel rings, the PaleoBarefoots Delinda are modern-day shoes made of chainmail. The PaleoBarefoots Delinda, a self-described piece of foot jewelry, works best for hiking on natural surfaces in and around water. It is GoSt’s lightest model. For running and more intense walking, the closed instep of the Anterra is more suitable. Like all PaleoBarefootsa consistently purist minimalist shoe, which guarantees maximum barefoot feeling, freedom for feet and toes, immediate Kneipp effects and reflexology massage. They are ideal for jogging and other sports activities in the great outdoors. For true backcountry adventures across tougher and changing terrains, the Pronativ steps up to meet its wearer’s rugged pursuits. If you are keen to “feel” what is happening under your feet, far away from roads and usual trails, these shoes are made for you.  All shoes come with a choice of 6 lace colors.

Purported health benefits of PaleoBarefoots:

  • Reflexology – depending on the terrain, feet receive a massage from the underlying soil.
  • Constant stimuli – direct contact with the earth leads to more precise foot and body movements.
  • Kneipp temperature and moistures effects – instant perception of surroundings and changes therein.
  • Biomechanics – challenges and trains the entire foot in a natural way.
  • Injury – PaleoBarefoots’ comprehensive foot training reduces the risk of injury.