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Cool spy tools that let you hide stuff in impossible places

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Hollow Half Dollar lets you hide a MicroSD card inside

ITS Tactical recently featured three cool little devices that let you hide important stuff during your escape from the zombie apocalypse. The Hollow Half Dollar was used by spies during the cold war to pass secret messages and smuggle microfilms out of the country. The device looks like a regular half-dollar coin but inside, there’s room to store a MicroSD card. To unlock the coin, simply place it in one of the two included “unlock rings”, tap it on the table, and viola, you have access to the hollow compartment inside.

Hollow Half Dollar lets you hide a MicroSD card inside

The Drop Dead Spike is a “covert dead drop” device which lets you conceal the object from everyday line of sight. The hollow spike is made from a solid billet of ¾ diameter aluminum with a threaded top and o-ring seal to keep contents waterproof. It comes with a leather pull handle to aid in recovery.  Simply insert your contraband into the spike and press it into the ground at your designated “dead drop” to conceal from oh, let’s say NSA agents who are angry that you encrypt your email…

The Drop Dead Spike is a covert dead drop device

Insert the Drop Dead Spike to conceal the device

Plenty of room inside the Drop Dead Spike to hide small documents

The Hollow Spy Bolt is an “overt dead drop”; a device disguised as an everyday item that could be left in plain sight. The top of the 5/8” bolt unscrews counter-clockwise to reveal the hollow recess within. Place the item you wish to hide in its hidden compartment and toss the bolt a drawer with other nuts and bolts and detection is all but impossible.

The Hollow Spy Bolt looks identical to a regular 5/8" bolt

Toss the Hollow Spy Bolt into a drawer full of nuts and bolts to conceal

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