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Fire Tornado in Australia


Fire tornadoes, also known as fire whirls or fire devils, are a rare phenomena in nature.  It is even rarer to find one captured on video.  This huge fire tornado occurred in Australia.  Fire tornadoes form in very specific conditions.  First, the fire must generate intense heat, enough to cause air to rapidly rise above the fire.  Secondly, the air around the burning area needs to be still, which is rare in wildfires.  If the heat is intense enough and the air around the burning area is still, the rising heat will begin to swirl and form a wind tunnel very similar to a tornado or “dirt devil”.  They typically do not last more than a few minutes but can be very dangerous.  In a 1923 earthquake in Japan, a fire tornado formed that lasted 15 minutes and killed 38,000 people.


Fire tornado in Australia


Raw video of fire tornado