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Horror: Camera inside mussel shell shows what it’s like to be eaten alive by a starfish

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Starfish consumes mussel aliveThe guys over at Shape of Life have released a video worthy of any horror show I’ve ever seen. They took a small camera and placed it inside the shell of a mussel and then surrounded the area around the mussel with additional cameras. Time-lapse photography shows the brainless starfish creeping towards the mussel then wrapping it in a grip of terror. From the camera placed inside the mussel shell, you watch as the starfish then ejects its stomach into the mussel shell and eats it alive leaving nothing but a hollow shell. You’ll never look at a starfish the same way again.

Starfish are strange little creatures.  If any of their five arms are lost, they can regenerate the arm and any internal organs that the lost arm contains.  They can even generate an entirely new starfish from just one arm.  They have no blood and instead, have water-based vascular systems.  They move about with hundreds of tube feet located on the underside of their body.  The starfish’s mouth is on the underside of the body.  To eat, the starfish pushes its stomach through its mouth and into the shell of the animal it wants to eat.  After it digests the animal, it pulls its stomach back into its body.  To cap off their creepiness, they have a single read eye located on the ends of each arm.

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