Will the US see a second “Roaring Twenties” when the year 2020 finally ends?

Roaring Twenties dancer

The Roaring 20s were a decade of remarkable growth that followed World War I and the influenza epidemic that killed millions of people around the world. Today’s coronavirus pandemic and the world’s depressed emotional state of mind strikes an unusual parallel to earlier times. Veteran agent Marc Geiger says today’s “claustrophobia economy” of the coronavirus…

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What is the “Boogaloo” movement? Should we be concerned? US National Counter-terrorism Center provides a detailed analysis.

Boogaloo participants wearing Balaclavas and Hawaiian shirts

I found most of this in a US National Counter-Terrorism Center report. Pretty interesting analysis of the Boogaloo movement. Boogaloo Introduction In recent weeks, the term “Boogaloo” has gone more mainstream after months of growing popularity in online anti-government communities. Since the nationwide backlash against COVID-19 lockdowns and the beginning of Black Lives Matter (BLM)…

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