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There’s a chart for that . A quick glance at this collection of charts will make you 10X smarter (or at least, ensure you’re the life of your next party).

How British Isles arenamed

Forget boring data tables. These charts give a clearer picture of interesting facts that’ll ensure you are the life of your next party.

  • How British Isles arenamed
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  • Golf names for different ball flights
  • A guide to minimum ice thickness and weight
  • How to pack a backpack illustration
  • Chart of NATO phonetic alphabet call signs
  • Star Wars timeline chart
  • 9 types of intelligence illustration
  • Visual Guide to Sofa Couch Styles
  • Chart of US generation names
  • Map of alps across Europe
  • The degree tilt of each planet
  • Chart of animal lifespans
  • Simple guide to CPR
  • Regional names for Nestle water in the United States
  • Blood type compatibility chart
  • The many shades of khaki color pants
  • Map of Pangea (ancient supercontinent) with modern borders