What happened to the bodies of 9/11 victims that are missing to this day (plus the impact on those who chose to determine their own fate)?

The Falling Man World Trade Center 911

Of the nearly 3,000 victims, it is estimated that 2,750 died from blunt impact injuries. Of those, fewer than 1,600 victims were identified leaving more than 1,100 people who simply disappeared without a trace. The reluctance to delve into the aftermath of the attacks leaves one important question unanswered, a question that has graced everyone’s…

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The legendary Nazi Gold Train. Was it found at last?

Nazi train

The “Nazi Gold Trains” are legendary Nazi German-era trains, laden with gold and treasures, rumored to have been buried underground toward the end of World War II. Witnesses report seeing the trains being hastily loaded in Wroclaw and leaving in a south-western direction. The trains were never seen again.

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The Missing P40 Airplane

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Two American pilots sent to intercept a mysterious plane. As they approached the plane they radioed back to the ground to report that the aircraft was a P-40 and bore markings that had not been used since the attack on Pearl Harbor.

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The Lost Letter

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A letter, written in 1918, days before the end of the War, was sent by a soldier to his 9 year-old nephew. The soldier never returned home but 63 years later, the letter mysteriously found its way home.

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The Indian Rope Trick


The famed Indian rope trick – a myth, a product of mass hypnosis, or was it really magic? The trick, involving a coil of rope extended skyward, has yet to be duplicated by modern day magicians despite centuries of exhaustive study by scholars and expert magicians.

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The Disappearance of David Lang

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Here is the story of David Lang. Some believe this story to be a fake, probably due to the many variations that exist of the tale. But here it is, in its entirety, so you can decide for yourself…

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The Disappearance of Amelia Earhart

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Amelia Earhart, or ‘Lady Lindy’, had produced more aerial accomplishments than any female pilot in history. She had already crossed the Gulf of Mexico and flown the Atlantic alone. But on July 2, 1937, while flying what she described to a close friend as ‘her last flight’, the 2,556 mile, last leg of a trek…

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The Disappearance of Agatha Christie

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Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller, better known as Agatha Christie, has been named one of the greatest mystery writers of all times and is affectionately known to all as the Queen of Crime. Born in England to an American stockbroker and the English daughter of a British army captain, the young Agatha grew up in the…

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