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Unique home built inside an abandoned nuclear missile silo in Abilene, Texas gives owner some piece and quiet

The lonely entrance to his home

Wired Magazine ran a cool piece on a guy, Bruce Townsley, that bought an abandoned missile silo and built a home in it.  He purchased the 2,2000 square foot Atlas F silo in 1997 at a price of $99,000.  It’s located in Abilene, Texas and from above, looks like an empty lot with a flag and some solar panels in the middle of nowhere.  Most of the working parts inside the 185-foot deep silo have been decommissioned and the escape hatch has been covered with concrete.  But, the silo doors and 6,000 pound blast doors still function – a major requirement for Townsley.  The room he built his home in is basically a “bubble” suspended on a large column located in the center of the room.  Springs under the room and on the sides allowed it to float, giving protection against nuclear missile blasts.  Townsley’s only complaint – it’s quiet, too quiet.  He sometimes runs fans just to generate some noise.

Here’s some pictures of the home build inside the abandoned nuclear silo.


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