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Walking Robot made entirely of paper


This is pretty friggin amazing. This robot, created by a guy from Japan (sorry, but I can’t read Japanese so that’s about all I could make of it), is made entirely of paper and a few sticks. The body, gears, and framework are made of paper, glued together for stability, and uses rubber bands for power. It features articulating ankles and piston-like legs that allow the robot to walk.

To take it a step further, he added Gatling guns to each arm that send a flurry of rubber bands at its target.

The first video shows a time-lapse of the construction method. The end of the video demonstrates the robot walking. There is more construction information on his website (kits too).

The second video shows the Gatling guns added to the paper robot and includes clips of firing mechanism testing and target practice.

Robot made entirely of paper


Gatling Gun addition to the paper robot
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