Identify the superhero crossword puzzle

1. All powerful, he fell from space.
2. Dark personality, works from a dark cave
3. She can always get the truth from you
4. An insectylike guy that was bitten by a spider
5. An atomic physicist who was the son of a troubled alcholic
6. Son of Howard Stark
7. Descended from Norse gods
8. Rumored to be related to the last ruling czars of Russia
9. Rejected from the military because of his poor constitution
10. Summoned to earth by the evil mystic Grigori Rasputin
11. His mother died from cancer and his father was a drunk, this hero was kicked out of the Army
12. The sole survivor of the universe that existed before the current universe
13. Attended Princeton University where he graduated with a Ph.D in atomic physics
14. Alter ego of Eddie Brock
15. Believed to be the alter ego of Rolf Muller
16. A spy of Soviet Yugoslavian origin working for the KGB
17. Served his prison sentence before being hired by Start International
18. Was a punk rocker before being transformed by the Lifeweb
19. The king of the oceans
20. A shapeshifter who formerly resided in Doom Manor under the care of Dr. Caulder
21. Her desire to stop aging led to a phenomenal level of prowress
22. A blue scarab from a Pharaoh transformed him
23. The alter ego of Janet Van Dyne
24. A psychotic break formed a dual personality in her