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The Canvey Island Monster

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The Discovery

In August of 1954, a man stumbled upon a strange, lifeless creature covered in seaweed on the shores of Canvey Island, Great Britain.  After carefully examining the animal, he was certain it was unlike any creature he had ever seen.  It appeared to be a marine animal but strangely exhibited some land-bearing animal characteristics – it had feet and legs!

Two zoologists were called in to make a professional evaluation of the creature.  Photographs were taken of the animal which must have stood around 2 1/2 feet tall with 5 toes arranged in a ‘U’ shape and a concave arch.  It had thick, brownish skin and two protruding eyes.  They agreed that this was some unknown species of animal.

Second Animal Found

Less than 3 months later, in November of 1954, Reverend Joseph Overs stumbled upon another one of the creatures about 2 miles from the location of the first creature’s discovery.  It appeared basically the same as the first creature, only a little larger (and in better condition).  This one stood around 4 feet tall.  They estimated that it weighed about 25 pounds. It had the same 2 large eyes, nostrils, sharp teeth, and gills.  Like the first creature, it had legs and feet.

To date, the origin of this species remains unknown.

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