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The Chupacabra

Chupacabra, Spanish for “goat sucker,” gained its name from the many reports of the creature sucking the blood from farm goats, sheep, dogs, and other small animals.  Witnesses have described Chupacabra as an evasive creature three to four feet tall, with eerie glowing red eyes, quills or spines along its back, no tail, and long sharp fangs.  The creature is gray or green in color and somewhat human-like in appearance.  Some have reported that the creature had wings and long clawed arms.  Many have recognized it’s similar appearance to the gargoyle prompting some to believe the gargoyle myth may actually be based on fact.

Its movement is usually reported as bipedal (walking upright), although occasional reports indicate it flies (either aided by wings or by gliding using the spines on its back).  Its strength and agility is construed to be far greater than most land-based creatures.  Witnesses who have stumbled upon fresh scenes of an attack report a sulfur-like stench.  The Chupacabra’s habitat is reported to be caves.

The Attacks Begin

Chupacabra first made the news in 1994 when several attacks were reported in Puerto Rico.  One year later, in August of 1995, a streak of 150 animals were attacked in Canvanas, Puerto Rico and the rampage began.

Subsequent reports have arrived from Mexico, Central America, South America, Chile, and the Southern United States (primarily Florida).  The reports seem to indicate a northward migration of the creature.

Chupacabra victims are almost always found with small puncture wounds in their necks and most or all of the blood drained from their bodies.  In some instances, the victim’s internal organs had been removed through the wounds in the neck.  Quite commonly there are also reports of laser-like cuts on the victim’s ears.  In many cases, there is no blood evidence or tracks around the scene of the attack.

There are several theories of Chupacabra’s origin.  Some feel it’s an entirely new species or relative of another animal (e.g., panther).  Some think it’s an alien species that may have escaped from unworldly visitors.  Some theorize it’s an undiscovered surviving dinosaur or some other prehistoric animal.

The Governments Respond

The Mexican government has officially stated that they believe that reported Chupacabra killings are the result of wild animals, most likely wild dogs.  Their proposed explanation does not rationalize why the victim’s bodies are not consumed nor how the blood is completely drained from the body.  Understandably, the Mexican government still accepts and investigates reports from concerned citizens.  MUFON (the infamous UFO research organization) has also confirmed that they have investigated recent reports in Puerto Rico.

Reports in Chile claim that representatives of the United States government, and more specifically, NASA, have even captured specimens of the creature and transferred them back to the U.S.  NASA unequivocally denies these allegations.

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