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Elton John Eyewear? Rocket Man is launching a new line of stylish, collectable eyewear at Sam’s Club today and at Walmart later this week.

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About Elton John Eyewear

Each pair of Elton John’s Eyewear is inspired by his iconic style and famed music career and each frame design is given a name by Elton himself, like “Rocketman,” a nod to his chart-topping hit and most recent Academy Award Nominated film of the same name. Elton John says the line is designed to offer a unique look for every wearer.

“Elton John Eyewear celebrates confidence, self-expression, and authenticity. The line is designed to have something for everyone, so no matter who you are, you can always Look Yourself. It’s not just about glasses, it’s about changing the way people see themselves.”

According to Sam’s Club Chief Merchant, Megan Crozier, Elton John Eyewear won’t break the bank either.

“We know Sam’s Club members and Walmart customers look to us for quality, on-trend brands at an amazing price. We’ve created an eyewear line using materials, elements and contours across expressive silhouettes, making the brand feel like luxury at an affordable price”

Various lines of Elton John Eyewear will be offered including collectable lines

The Foundations Collection line

The Foundations Collection includes 60 frames in total: 36 frames that are unique to Sam’s Club and 24 frames that are unique to Walmart. The frames will retail between $95-$100 and are available in prescription, non-prescription, sun and reader categories.

Each frame is embolized with a signature temple tip silhouette with “E” Star mark and Elton John iconic star brand detailing. All details were carefully planned and crafted, with frames featuring vibrant color attributes, elevated metals, and stones.

The Capsule Collection collectible line

Sam’s Club will also offer a collectible line – The Capsule Collection. “The Formative Years” (Capsule I), represents Elton’s childhood and time as a student in music, so the eyewear reflects its most classic and conventional looks. “The Working Musician” (Capsule II) continues the story, showcasing the time when Elton John discovers Rock and Roll is his true calling. As such, the Capsule II offers next generation styles. Currently, five Capsule Collections are planned.

The Master Collection line

Finally, just in time for the holidays, Sam’s Club will launch The Master Collection. Drawn from Elton’s personal collection, Elton John Eyewear will recreate and reissue his most iconic looks with “collector” frames that are only available at Each frame will be signed, numbered and sold in limited quantities, with retails starting at $350.

Next year, Elton John Eyewear is expected to offer additional frames, as well as expand its reach to additional locations across Walmart Inc. retail stores globally.