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The J20 trials – 214 defendants face felony charges for exercising right of free speech

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The J20 trials – 214 defendants face felony charges for exercising right of free speech

We the people scrawled on burning carBy now, it is clear to all that our current federal leaders are actively attempting to weaken US citizen’s right to free speech.  We see it daily with government claims that all media outlets are “fake news” and attacks against those who exercise their right to free speech (e.g. attacks on NFL players).  But no assault on free-speech has been more blatant and short-sighted than the foray against DisruptJ20 protesters who attended President Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony in Washington, D.C.  212 defendants facing felony riot charges, up to a decade in prison and a $25,000 fine for their participation in the anti-capitalist, anti-fascist free-speech march, which ended with a mass arrest on the morning of Inauguration Day.

The charges all stem from the single mass arrest of protesters who had taken part in the Disrupt J20 march. It was a typical black bloc march, in which protesters mask their faces and wear all black. More than 500 participants gathered about two miles north of the parade route and surged southward, marching and chanting as a unified force. From the start, defense attorneys said their clients and most others in the group were peacefully protesting, while only a handful peeled off and became violent.  But prosecutors said the demonstration was aimed at destruction, not freedom of expression. Authorities say the group used “black bloc” tactics — wearing dark clothing and hiding their faces with masks and goggles so it would be harder to identify them.  Referring to the dark clothing and masks worn by protesters, Assistant U.S. Attorney Rizwan Qureshi told reporters:

“That sea of black was the getaway car.”

In all, 212 people were charged in connection with the ­riots. Twenty of those people have pleaded guilty and prosecutors have dropped cases against another 20. Another 166 defendants are scheduled for trial, in groups of six or seven, through mid-2018.

I will keep J20 trial information updated here.  See Geek Slop’s Civil Disobedience Handbook for more information on protest and black bloc tactics.

Additional information

Police spray J20 protesters at Inauguration Day ceremonyDecember 21, 2017

The first round of protestors acquitted were Michelle Macchio, 26, of Naples, Fla.; Jennifer Armento, 38, of Philadelphia; Christina Simmons, 20, of Cockeysville, Md.; Alexei Wood, 37, of San Antonio; Oliver Harris, 28, of Philadelphia; and Brittne Lawson, 27, of Pittsburgh.

List of arrestees

Below is the complete list of 231 people arrested at the #Inauguration J20 riots.

Aaron Cantu28 years oldBrooklyn, NY
Aaron Schoen18 years oldDoylestown, PA
Adam Simpson29 years oldWashington, DC
Aleks Lundina23 years oldHadley, MA
Alessandro Pane20 years oldHyattsville, MD
Alex Harris27 years oldReisterstown, MD
Alexa Detter23 years oldMillheim, PA
Alexa Grazio19 years oldPittsburgh, PA
Alexander Contompasis33 years oldRensliear, NY
Alexander Penley46 years oldWashington, DC
Alexander Rubinstein24 years oldNew York, NY
Alexandra Gedra28 years oldRichmond, VA
Alexandra Krales28 years oldBronx, NY
Alexei Wood26 years oldUnknown
Alisa Stone26 years oldGrand Rapids, MI
Alvaro Ortiz-Vazquez22 years oldNew York, NY
Anastasiya Grishkevich24 years oldPhiladelphia, PA
Andrew Joung23 years oldUnknown
Andrew Switzer43 years oldPhiladelphia, PA
Anthony Felice25 years oldWilmington, NC
Anya Harjung22 years oldNewark, DE
Arturo Vasquez26 years oldBaltimore, MD
Ashley Maclaren28 years oldUnknown
Avery Pittman27 years oldWinnewski, VT
Benjamin Carraway32 years oldDenver, CO
Benjamin Freedman-Peel23 years oldBrooklyn, NY
Benjamin Pennacchio18 years oldPipersville, PA
Bradley Collins41 years oldBoiling Green, VA
Breton Strasburger22 years oldPittsburgh, PA
Brittne Lawson26 years oldPittsburgh, PA
Caly Retherford28 years oldBaltimore, MD
Cameron Powell25 years oldDurham, NC
Camilo Pereira24 years oldBaltimore, MD
Carlo Piantini25 years oldNew York, NY
Carlos Cabeza23 years oldBrooklyn, NY
Caroline Unger22 years oldPark Ridge, IL
Carson Cates26 years oldGalatia, IL
Casey Webber28 years oldWashington, DC
Cassandra Beale24 years oldPasadena, CA
Cassidy Plaud24 years oldManchund, MA
Cheney Orr26 years oldBrooklyn, NY
Chloe Nagy25 years oldRichmond, VA
Christian Valencia22 years oldNew York, NY
Christina Simmons19 years oldCockysville, MD
Christina Winsor39 years oldBronx, NY
Christopher Akerich28 years oldSalisbury, MD
Christopher Dellacamera21 years oldBrooklyn, NY
Christopher Litchfield25 years oldCollege Park, MD
Christopher Patrick21 years oldEldersburg, MD
Christopher Stella26 years oldNC
Cody Stewart22 years oldClarksville, TN
Colin Flood28 years oldCalars, UT
Colton Richardson26 years oldSavannah, GA
Connor Linden23 years oldWarren, OH
Dana Fraula28 years oldSalisbury, MD
Daniel Filstein28 years oldUnknown
Daniel Kaufman21 years oldNewton, MA
Daniel Meltzer32 years oldCarrboro, NC
Daniel Rengel23 years oldCentreville, VA
David Baghdadi39 years oldRockville, MD
David Fulkerson21 years oldAnnandale, VA
David Silverberg29 years oldBrooklyn, NY
David Stubbs31 years oldRichmond, VA
Deborah Burd26 years oldFort Wayne, IN
Devin Bartolomed32 years oldWashington, DC
Diane Akerman33 years oldBrooklyn, NY
Duke Mabirou24 years oldYpsilanti, MI
Duncan Ranslem27 years oldBrooklyn, NY
Dylan Slusarz22 years oldAshburn, VA
Edward Bickard24 years oldNesconset, NY
Elisa Yeshin Lee33 years oldNew York, NY
Elizabeth Lagesse29 years oldBaltimore, MD
Elizabeth Romaker24 years oldBurlington, VT
Ella Fassler24 years oldBrooklyn, NY
Emeline Phipps32 years oldRichmond, VA
Emily Dicicco23 years oldPhiladelphia, PA
Emily Horstman24 years oldPittsburgh, PA
Emma Engle26 years oldBronx, NY
Emmeline Wilks-Dupiose29 years oldBrooklyn, NY
Eric Schimmel26 years oldVirginia Beach, VA
Erik Bardo28 years oldRochester, NY
Erinn Lemkey34 years oldBrooklyn, NY
Etkar Surett Junwirth24 years oldUpper Danby, PA
Evan Engel30 years oldBrooklyn, NY
Faryn Messick23 years oldBaltimore, MD
Gabriel Mielke20 years oldWashington, DC
Gabriella Bruce19 years oldNew York, NY
Hanna Demarte20 years oldChesapeake, VA
Hannah Martin18 years oldWashington, DC
Heather Higby38 years oldDurham, NC
Ian Grape21 years oldRochester, NY
Isaac Dalto26 years oldBaltimore, MD
Jack Sorensen18 years oldPittsford, NY
Jacob Cunningham29 years oldManassas, VA
Jacob Wilkerson24 years oldAnnapolis, MD
Jada Young21 years oldNew York, NY
James Crombie20 years oldCollinsville, CT
James Hicks25 years oldGrosse Pointe Woods, MI
James Hoopes30 years oldFalls Church, VA
James Sullivan35 years oldGreenbelt, MD
Jared Farley34 years oldAnnapolis, MD
Jashua Barnak29 years oldWilmington, NC
Jayram Toraty34 years oldVesta, NY
Jennifer Armento38 years oldPhiladelphia, PA
Jeremiah Sellers21 years oldDurham, NC
Jeremy Bingham25 years oldArlington, MA
Jeremy Patten32 years oldPhiladelphia, PA
Jesaka Brook’ausler25 years oldCarbundale, IL
Jesse Schultz65 years oldWashington, DC
Jocelyn Mitchell23 years oldLos Angeles, CA
John Baker58 years oldChicago, IL
John Coursey28 years oldBaltimore, MD
John Flynn25 years oldLanghorne, PA
John Keller27 years oldFairfax Station, VA
Jonathan Dunlap29 years oldWashington, DC
Jordan Reid25 years oldNashville, TN
Jordanna Burgess30 years oldChapel Hill, NC
Joseph Gore22 years oldWorcester, VT
Joseph Lupo29 years oldQueens, NY
Joshhua Betley28 years oldUnknown
Judah Rubin29 years oldJackson Heights, NY
Kaitlyn Rorke31 years oldBaltimore, MD
Katherine Dunleavy24 years oldUnknown
Kayla Henaghan18 years oldRichmond, VA
Kenneth Delacruz21 years oldNew York, NY
Keval Bhatt19 years oldChesterfield, VA
Kiley Haberman22 years oldBurlington, VT
Kimberly Cain24 years oldJacksonville, NC
Kristen Asher32 years oldRI
Kristina Kelly27 years oldPortland, CT
Kyle Burcham18 years oldBumpass, VA
Lan Grant22 years oldWalingford, PA
Layne Puplin24 years oldBooneville, NC
Leah Young27 years oldDurango, CO
Lianne Sherman21 years oldPittsburgh, PA
Lori Freye30 years oldGrand Rapids, MI
Lori Puglisi45 years oldWashington, DC
Louis Mazzei46 years oldPatchogue, NY
Lucas Wooden21 years oldWilton, Maine
Luke McGowan-Arnold19 years oldRockford, IL
Madison Broomer25 years oldMechanicsburg, PA
Makenna Clark20 years oldBlack Mountain, NC
Mally Espaillat25 years oldChapel Hill, NC
Marisa Matthews19 years oldPittsburgh, PA
Massey Thomas32 years oldPA
Matthew Fichtner25 years oldBoston, MA
Matthew Fitzpatrick27 years oldWhitney Point, NY
Matthew Hopard32 years oldBrooklyn, NY
Matthew Stearns30 years oldCarbondale, IL
Michael Adkins60 years oldUnknown
Michael Basillas31 years oldNew York, NY
Michael Gonzalez25 years oldNew York, NY
Michael Loadenthal33 years oldCincinnati, OH
Michael Webermann30 years oldBaltimore, MD
Michelle Macchio25 years oldNaples, FL
Miriam Zemel25 years oldBrooklyn, NY
Moiree Chiu20 years oldMadison, WI
Molly Carter28 years oldBaltimore, MD
Nathaniel Jaffe29 years oldPhiladephia, PA
Nicholas Difazio22 years oldSilver Spring, MD
Nicholas Shepard32 years oldLiberty, TN
Nicholas Webster19 years oldErie, PA
Nicole Armbruster33 years oldWashington, DC
Nolle Smoot25 years oldTriangle, VA
Nora Walker24 years oldPortland, OR
Oliver Harris27 years oldPhiladelphia, PA
Oliver Weilein22 years oldCedar Falls, ID
Olivia Alsip23 years oldChicago, IL
Paige McElravy25 years oldHartsville, SC
Patrick Jones30 years oldAsheville, NC
Payton McDonald23 years oldAnn Arbor, MI
Peter Hyndman25 years oldPhiladelphia, PA
Peter Soeller24 years oldUnknown
Philip Brewer31 years oldArbonale, IL
Phillip Glaser27 years oldBaltimore, MD
Phoenix Godwin25 years oldSavannah, GA
Rachel Russell24 years oldFalls Church, VA
Raghav Sharma21 years oldPittsburgh, PA
Ramiz Andoni27 years oldOakton, VA
Randall Setzer24 years oldDurham, NC
Rebekah Schiller33 years oldNew York, NY
Richard Allen20 years oldKent, OH
Robert Eason41 years oldPortland, CT
Robert Matyas36 years oldMI
Robert Miller27 years oldBlack Mountain, NC
Robert Toomey23 years oldSpringfield, PA
Rosa Roncales31 years oldRichmond, VA
Rudy Martinez24 years oldSan Marcos, TX
Ryan Keating27 years oldPhiladelphia, PA
Sagen Lancaster24 years oldUkiah, California
Sahsa Hill22 years oldNew York, NY
Saline Golenberg34 years oldWashington, DC
Samir Butt25 years oldPhiladephia, PA
Samuel Arambula28 years oldDetroit, MI
Samuel Kitch26 years oldBaltimore, MD
Sara Callahan29 years oldWashington, DC
Sarah Gilbert26 years oldAsheville, NC
Sarah Hailey34 years oldPittsburgh, PA
Sarah Smithson18 years oldHerndon, VA
Saul Jaffe29 years oldChicago, IL
Savannah Patterson24 years oldSavannah, GA
Sean Hendley28 years oldWashington, DC
Seth Cadman25 years oldWashington, DC
Shane McParland30 years oldMI
Sharleen Stinger35 years oldPhiladelphia, PA
Shawn Westfahl38 years oldPhiladelphia, PA
Shay Horse23 years oldUnknown
Soan Steffon24 years oldIL
Spencer Kaaz21 years oldMemphis, TN
Stephanie Randazzo25 years oldCarbordale, IL
Stephen Loughman26 years oldRichmond, VA
Steven Backus34 years oldRaleigh, NC
Sydney Leslie20 years oldFairfax, VA
Sydnie Stocks22 years oldSan Diego, CA
Taylor Zarkin27 years oldFL
Tim Costigan37 years oldKansas City, MO
Timothy Rose23 years oldChicago, IL
Tom Aubin32 years oldPittsburgh, PA
Tovia Shaprio27 years oldWorcester, MA
Traci Dunlap44 years oldRedmond, WA
Trent Fulton28 years oldBlacksburg, MD
Troy Neves22 years oldNewtown, CT
Tylan Paxton24 years oldWoodbridge, VA
Vishal Bajpai22 years oldMillhim, PA
William Amann-Howison20 years oldRichmond, VA
William Bogin26 years oldBethesda, MD
Zachary Belcher24 years oldChicago, IL
Zachary Callahan37 years oldWashington, DC
Zachary Vary26 years oldBrooklyn, NY
Zoe Kaseman24 years oldHarrisburg, PA
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