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Walmart pulls dancing cactus toy that swears and sings about doing cocaine in Polish.


The dancing cactus has been a popular item in Europe for several months already. While dancing a (ahem) sensuous sway, the toys sings songs in English, Spanish and Polish. It’s the Polish ditty that shocked a Toronto grandmother, Ania Tanner, who just happened to be from Poland.

“This toy uses swear words and talking about cocaine use. This is not what I ordered for my granddaughter.”

The toy cactus uses soundbites from Polish rapper Cypis, who says he had no idea the toy was using a snippet of his music.

“It’s about taking five grams of cocaine and being alone … It’s a very depressing song.”

Tanner complained to Walmart who promptly removed the toy from shelves.

If you have already purchased the toy, Walmart will refund your money. Of course, if you don’t speak Polish, it’s all just gibberish anyway.