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Vigilante real-life superhero draws samurai sword to break up fight on Phoenix light rail train [VIDEO]


He wasn’t wearing a cape and mask but he was clad in black and sporting a badass samurai sword. As two young men were pounding away on a third elderly man who crouched in the train’s doorway, an unknown man wearing a black coat, black cap, and black headphones, drew a samurai sword from his belt and took control of the situation. With the katana held high in both hands and standing in a defensive stance, the man slowly inched towards the attackers driving them from the train. No sword swinging was needed as the two youth attackers decided they had better not mess with the crazy-ass man in black.

The fight appears to have occurred on October 6, 2012 around 2:00 AM on a Phoenix light rail train. Valley Metro Rail and Phoenix police are currently investigating the incident.

One passenger told the local Phoenix news:

“There’s no accidents and, he was totally there for a reason. And I feel like, hey you know dude, wherever you are, rock on!”

A video of the fight was recorded and posted on Youtube. You can view the video below.


Real-life superhero draws samurai sword to break up train fight