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Incredibly detailed, complex maze took Japanese man over seven years to draw by hand

Incredibly detailed, hand-drawn maze

Japanese twitter user @Kya7y recently unearthed an incredibly detailed maze that her father created.  After questioning him, she found that he created the maze over 30 years ago and that it took him 7 years to complete.  The maze was created on A1 size paper, which is about 33 x 23 inches.  The pictures below show an incredibly complex, detailed, hand-drawn maze which begs the question, “What sort of tenacious man would be capable of creating something this complex?”  Kya7y clues us in when she responded to a Twitter user questionsasking what her father did for a living: “Where does my father work? At a public university!! In the athletic department!!! As a janitor.”

Check out the gallery below.