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Funko introduces its newest line, Popsies, available only at Walmart stores.

60361 Marvel Spiderman POPsies GLAM WEB

Forget greeting cards. Funko announced today its expansion into the multi-billion-dollar greeting aisle with its new line of collectible, interactive greeting displays called POPSIES™. Featuring celebratory messages of excitement and love, Popsies greetings will be available exclusively at Walmart stores nationwide.

Popsies will feature iconic characters that represent some of the world’s most historic franchises for a wide assortment of everyday occasions. Each Popsie will feature a character standing atop a gift box and will announce their unique celebratory message (e.g. “Have an amazing day!” or “You’re a masterpiece!”) when the bow on the gift box is pressed.

Starting next year, Popsies will be introduced throughout the year for various holiday themed versions.

Popsies will retail for $6.98.

Check out some of the upcoming Popsies in the pictorial gallery below.