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The RLC Exclusive Custom Eldorado pulls into the Mattel online shop on November 2, 2021.

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Hot Wheels debuted with a roar in 1968, and ignited the excitement of a generation! Over the years, one particular group of cars has captured the hearts of collectors like no other: castings released to Red Line Club members with Spectraflame pink paint. Now, we’re thrilled to present one of the “Original 16” cars in this signature color!

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You’ll notice the striking Spectraflame pink paint job on this casting, and there’s a specific reason for it. If you’re new to Hot Wheels collecting, though, you may need a little background first. Designer Brendon Vetusky elaborates:

“The pink ‘Party’ Cars have a long history in the RLC line. The pink part of it, I believe, ties back to the legacy of the rare pink Redline Era Hot Wheels cars. Not as many of those survived over they years, so they have become extra collectible as a result.”

Adding to that, graphic designer Steve Vandervate says,

“They wear a consistent Spectraflame pink and white + Red Line deco to unify the theme. We do other pink cars occasionally, but they intentionally don’t look anything like the ‘Party’ Cars.”

Vetuskey added:

“Pink Cadillacs are a thing, and have been for many years. You see them in pop culture as featured in TV and movies, and songs are written about them, too. So it seemed fitting that since we offer a pink Party Car, why not offer up a pink Cadillac? Besides, the Custom Eldorado is a great casting, so this was an opportunity to bring it back into the line and let it shine.”

Some Hot Wheels fans might want this casting because they’re completists who want to collect one of each of these unique Spectraflame pink offerings. And if you’re specifically an Eldorado fan, you’ll definitely be knocked off your feet by this edition. But if you’re not already a member of the Red Line Club, you’ll need to join before you can add this exclusive to your collection!


Features: Opening hood
Body Color: Spectraflame pink
Deco: Gloss white roof; Red Line Club logo on sides
Body Type: ZAMAC
Wheels: Neo-Classics Redline wheels
Base: Full-metal, chrome-plated chassis and engine
Window Color: Light blue-tinted
Interior Color: Pearl white
Packaging: Packaged on an illustrated RLC Exclusive blister card, packed in a Kar Keepers clamshell case
Availability: RLC members only: Offer opens 11/2/21 at 9:00 a.m. PT
Pricing and Purchase Limits: Priced at $25.00 plus shipping and processing each.