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Hot Wheels dynamic dioramas with premium Hot Wheels castings hit Walmart shelves this year.

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Four new Collector Display Sets will arrive exclusively on Walmart shelves in 2022. Each set includes three cars and a hauler, with coordinated decos to tie the whole package together. Because it’s a premium line, the cars and transporters feature all-metal castings and Real Riders wheels.

New to Real Riders? Those are the two-piece wheels with a special tire tread that gives them a super-realistic feel. All four vehicles are placed in a unique diorama scene for shelf display – assuming you can resist the temptation to remove them from the box.

Set 1: Classic Pickups

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The Classic Pickups group includes the Custom ’62 Chevy casting with a surfboard in the bed. The Texas Drive ‘Em, based on a 1972 Ford pickup truck, packs two motorcycles in the bed. The Dodge is a “Midnite Express” version of the Li’l Red Express Truck. Barely 200 of them were made in the real world in 1978, and they packed a monstrous 440 V-8 under the hood – perfect for flexing some muscle while cruising the coastal highways. And in a nod to Southern California hot rod culture, our Horizon Hauler features the Mooneyes logo.

  • Horizon Hauler
  • 1978 Dodge Li’l Red Express Truck
  • Custom ’62 Chevy Pickup
  • Texas Drive ‘Em

Set 2: Exotic Hypercars

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Exorbitant speed. Extreme luxury. Extravagant styling. These Exotic Hypercars set has it all! Produced in limited quantities and often featuring seven-figure price tags, these cars expand the boundaries of automotive excellence. Hot Wheels has captured three of them here, ready to prowl this nighttime city scene. And the “Jones Exotic Motorsports” logo on the hauler is a sly tribute to Hot Wheels designer Mark Jones.

  • Carry On
  • ’16 Bugatti Chiron
  • Koenigsegg Agera R
  • McLaren Speedtail