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Mattel releases massive 461-car RLC exclusive factory-sealed Hot Wheels set – on sale January 11 until sold out.

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It literally doesn’t get any bigger than this. Every year, Mattel Creations gathers all of the Hot Wheels mainline cars released during that model year and packs them into one massive package. Its official name is the “2021 Hot Wheels Mainline Factory-Sealed Set,” but collectors typically refer to it as the “Master Set”!

All 461 cars – yes, you read that right, 461 cars – released in the 2021 mainline are included in this set. All 50 New Models? Check? The Treasure Hunts? Check. The Super Treasure Hunts? Checkmate! Every recolor, every promo car, every retailer-exclusive variation, even the Hot Wheels™ id Chase Cars are included in the Master Set.

If you want your shot at the 2021 Master Set, be sure you’re logged into your RLC membership account before the sale begins on Tuesday, January 11 at 9am PT.

Product details

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The set is packaged in a decorative display box with smaller cartons inside. Each set features an individually numbered sticker (000/1000). Of course, the set is only available to RLC members beginning 1/11/22 at 9:00 a.m. PT until sold out. Sets are priced at $600.00 plus shipping and processing each. There is a limit of ONE (1) per club membership; limit five (5) per household.