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Geek hearts ache for George Perez after the legendary writer announces he has less than one year to live. Here’s an adoring trip through his most incredible works of comic book art.

jla avengers 3

George Perez’s announcement that he has stage 3 pancreatic cancer stunned the geek community and reminds us how fleeting the time we have with our heroic legends truly is. Since 1974, he’s given us stunning DC and Marvel artwork from the pages of The New Teen Titans, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Wonder Woman, Superman, and more.

“I’ve had a wonderfully good run doing exactly what I have wanted to do since I was a child. Now I can sit back and watch the stuff I helped create entertain whole new generations. That’s a pretty nice legacy to look back on.”

Here’s a look at Perez’s greatest works.

Astonishing Tales #25

No “greatest works” tribute can bypass George Perez’s first professional work within the pages of Astonishing Tales #25. As Perez explained:

It was a two-page gag story that followed the main story and was a spoof of the creation of Deathlok by Rich Buckler and Doug Moench. I drew everything but the final Deathlok figure, which was penciled by Rich. The two-pager was inked by the late Mike Esposito.

Crisis on Infinite Earths

Crisis on Infinite Earths became one of the industry’s most iconic series ever, so it comes as no surprise that legendary George Perez drew the artwork for this masterpiece. It was an early introduction to the magnificent detail Perez included in his works and resulted in one of the most widely-recognized comic book covers in the history of the industry.

crisis 5
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Infinity Gauntlet #1

Infinity Gauntlet was largely responsible for the popularity of Thanos in the MCU and artwork like the one below from Infinity Gauntlet #1, continued Perez’s unique ability to extend visualization of far reaching concepts to the pages of the comic book.

infinity gauntlet 1

The JLA/Avengers crossover wraparound cover

In 2002, when DC and Marvel finally came to an agreement over a crossover series, George Perez, who had worked for both publishers during his long career, was selected to draw the art which included dozens of characters from both Marvel and DC universes.

jla avengers 3

Avengers: Ultron Unlimited

In 1999, George Perez left DC for Marvel where he joined the Avengers team. The success of the Avengers’ return in Avengers #1 was largely due to Perez’s unique talents. Who could forget the cover of Avenger’s #20, a work that looked like it would take years to complete.

avengers 20 ultron

Avengers #1 The Morgan Conquest

Avengers: The Morgan Conquest not only stands out due to George Perez’s metiouless artwork, but also marks the beginning of the historic run between Perez and writer Kurt Busiek.


The Avengers #2

The Avengers #2 (Vol. 3) reminded us how intricately detailed Perez could be. What comic book fan has *not* stared mesmerized at this cover.

Avengers Vol 3 2

Hulk: Future Imperfect

The aged form of the Incredible Hulk, portrayed as Maestro from Earth-9200, was an exciting romp through a world recovering from a nuclear war that killed off all its heroes. Perez gave us this iconic image of Maestro.


Then within its pages, we were delighted will exquisitely detailed pages like this one from Hulk: Future Imperfect #1.

future imperfect1